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Cody Klotz, Owner
  • D.O.B.: May 11, 1987
  • Place of Birth: Longview, TX
  • Hometown: Elysian Fields, TX 
  • Wife: Sarah Klotz
  • Children: Johnathan Melter, Brooke Melter, Keelee Klotz
  • Dogs: Remington (perfect breed of mutt, BIG baby), Paisley (Chocolate Lab)
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About The Safe Store and More
The Safe Store and More is family-owned and Christian operated by Cody Klotz right here in Longview, TX. Since our company opened in 2010, we have treated each and every customer as if they were family. Other companies may offer similar products and services, but ours are the best we can provide and always come with a personal touch. Almost all deliveries are made by the owner and each and every delivery is handled as if it were our own home/business! We assure that you are not only purchasing security in the safe itself, but also in the honesty and integrity of the people handling your safe and personal information. Our customers and their information are always kept confidential unless granted permission by the customer! Many of our sales are referrals and repeat business. One of the best services we offer is service after the sale! We are always happy to answer questions, give assistance and even make house calls when necessary. What you find at The Safe Store, is knowledge, experience, honesty and all the things you want when looking for safety and security! We make it a point to know our products and be able to provide you with more information about safes than most people know exists or is of any relevance. People, even many who sell safes, underestimate the number of variables that determine the quality and desirability of a safe. WE DON"T!!! We are committed to our customers, not our products! With all that said, we aren't "know-it-all's" and may not have every answer to every question, but we are constantly learning and expanding the knowledge we can provide to our customers.

We are young entrepreneurs, eager to serve, eager to succeed.

Strengthened by God, driven by passion!
Committed to our customers' safety